Lecture series bundle vol. 1


This package includes SIX videos! You get all four first release masterclass videos, as well as two additional videos which are ONLY  available as a part of the bundle. . .


Vocal Health

In this video, Shoshana discusses in depth the 4 main components of maintaining good vocal health: technique, hydration, rest and staying healthy. She shares challenges she has faced, lessons she has learned the hard way, and talks about what tools she has used to maintain her voice during an 8 show a week schedule, while traveling, and through sickness and fatigue. 

the Traveling Singer

Whether on a tour bus or an airplane, traveling can really take it's toll on your body and especially on your voice. In this video Shoshana shares her weird travel habits and must have products that help keep her rested, hydrated and healthy while traveling. These secrets will prepare you to arrive at your destination ready to deliver your best without needing to do any damage control or require a ton of recovery time.


Audition Tips

Auditioning is hard! But it's part of the job, and you need to get good at it! In this video Shoshana shares tips about how to set yourself up for the best possible audition. She discusses the importance of setting clear intentions, choosing appropriate attire, how you walk in the room, and gives advice on how to really stand out, make a powerful impact and present yourself as someone people will be dying to hire and work with.


Nerves can be debilitating! In this video Shoshana shares breathing exercises, grounding techniques, and ways to focus your energy and thoughts so you can be calm, present and confident in every situation from auditions to performance!